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Delta Motor Group in short

Delta Motor Group Oy, founded in 1937, imports Kia and Mitsubishi vehicles and service parts employing in total ca. 90 persons. Delta brought Kia, one of the fastest growing car brands in Europe, to Finland in 2004. Delta has been importing Mitsubishi since January 2011.

Delta Auto

Full-service car dealer chain Delta Auto, part of the Delta Group, sells and services Kia, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Opel vehicles locally in its 25 dealerships.

Moreover, Delta Auto provides authorized multi-brand service for Chevrolet and Saab in addition to Kia, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Opel in certain dealerships. Delta Auto offers also versatile service for all brands during and after the warranty period. Delta’s PlusHuolto is geared to all brands and especially cars whose warranty has expired; it includes e.g. original or equivalent spare parts. For Italian brands, Delta Auto provides the most comprehensive and professional service.

Employing about 500 car business experts, Delta Auto is also one of the largest used car dealers in Finland.

Delta Auto also includes Delta Bavaria, focusing purely on BMW business. Delta’s BMW sales started in Lahti in April 2013 and has since expanded to Kouvola and Lappeenranta.

Key financials of Delta Motor Group:

■  Sales (2015): € 527.2 million
■  Number of cars sold (2015): 23 507 units
■  Operative EBITDA (2015): € 9.1 million
■  100 % owned by UK-based private equity company Delta Auto Group Ltd.

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